Online Training

Our client-only Learning Management System (LMS) provides access to a series of online training courses for staff at all levels, from Boards to Managers to General Staff.

Content can be hosted by Respond Global or by the client, within their preferred LMS. Training content can be produced as part of the agreed service provision, and client-branded, or clients may choose to use the generic content.

Each user receives their personal logon, allowing companies to monitor compliance to ensure all staff are completing the required training, as part of a wider organisational COVID-Safe Plan.

Translation into other languages is available.


Find out everything you need to know and the virus, the myths, and what you can to do to stop the spread within your workplace. Videos can be viewed as one continuous lesson or viewed in segments according to needs and completed at a staff member’s own pace.


This course is designed specifically for Board level executives who require a high-level understanding of their responsibilities during this time, and guidance about how to create and maintain business resilience so as to protect reputation and brand.


This course is designed specifically for managers and provides practical guidance about how to ensure that the appropriate COVID-Safe measures are in place to protect staff and clients.


This course is designed for staff at all levels and provides general information and myth busters about the virus including effective cleaning, when to wear a mask, and how to avoid COVID-fatigue.

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